Do you know whether your photovoltaic system is generating the maximum possible power?

Even if there are no obvious problems it is necessary to check whether optimal results are achieved.

Our aim is to discover obvious and hidden problems and to find solutions. Your advantage is our long-term experience and our transdisciplinary knowledge.

An investment in a photovoltaic system is sometimes a big financial obstacle and will take some years to amortise. Mistakes and defects should be eliminated early so that the PV-system is not a losing deal and the payback period is as short as possible.

The output of your photovoltaic plant is determined by different factors:

  • High quality components which are IEC-certified
  • Professional and conforming to standards planning, optimum layout design which considers the actual situation onsite including clouding
  • Qualified assembling and installation
  • Careful acceptance procedure and start of operation, e.g. according to the RAL-quality protection Solar
  • Measuring of the plant with a characteristic curve analyser
  • Plant data collection and examination of the output, maintenance

For a maximum sustainability of your PV-system and your investment an early observation by an independent expert is necessary.



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