Output Optimisation of a PV-system

Do you really know your PV-system?

The earning power of PV-systems depends on different factors. Most of them are not measurably by investors and operators.

Shortfalls are often not recognized. Even with a monitoring system these shortfalls, which results often from mistakes in design and installation, are not visible for non-professionals.

The information which are shown by the monitoring systems are often not enough to find the exact weak spots. In a comparison of irradiation and yield a shortfall can be recognized but these results are not delivering any hint of possible reasons nor are they a basis for improvement.

We offer:

  • Examination of the operating performance, analysis of the output data, interpretation of deficits and errors
  • Power/performance measurement and analysis of PV-generators (characteristic curves, earthing and leakage resistance measurement, infrared picture, electroluminescence picture)
  • Damage assessment, damage analysis, -damage estimation and expert report



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