Thermal imaging and analysis

The temperature of objects is an important indicator about almost every situation and process. The correct temperature means higher quality and security and of course also cost savings.

Thermography belongs to the the non-destructive examination methods and offers several advantages: 

  • contact-free, i.e. Measurement also possible at poor accessible locations and on-load equipment
  • imaging, i.e. with the help of the overall picture (heat pattern) problems can be identified due to a temperature difference
  • functions in real-time, i.e. objects under static conditions can be analysed quickly


The infrared picture always shows surface temperatures. With the right adjustments, profound knowledge and careful analysis also conclusions on deep-seated structures can be made.

Thermische AuffälligkeitHot Spots an PV-Modulen

The thermographic camera absorbs only the intensity of the radiation. Beacuse the intensity is a combination of emitted and reflected radiation false conclusion can be easily made without further knowledge. To get not only pretty colourful pictures but truthfull results the hiring of a certified thermograph is important.  That's why we are working together with the certified thermograph Mandy Radisch. She has the qualification of "Certified Thermograph ITC Level 1 according to ISO 18436" and "Certified Thermograph ITC Level 2  according to ISO 18436".

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