Expert report on outputs, output prediction, assessment of the location and system reports for photovoltaic plants


These will give investors the certainty of the quality of the chosen location. In the case of larger solar parks generally several independent expert reports are required.

The expert report on outputs indicates the specific output as well as the performance ration. The results are related to the data of the local meteorological service. To develop this kind of expert report it´s necessary to know about the used components, angle of clouding and face plan.

Output prediction offers a first potential assessment for special locations with the chosen technology and system configuration.

The Performance Ratio, also described as quality factor , is one of the most important characteristics to evaluate a PV system. It informs about the system specific energy efficiency and reliability. It is calculated from the ratio between the actual generated and the theoretical possible power of a PV system. In general the Performance Ratio depends on the direction the panels are facing and on the actual irradiation. With this all PV systems connected to the grid can be compared globally.

The calculation of the PR on a regular basis helps to detect possible defects early due to the deviation from the normal range. Generally, this should be done once a year but also can be done more often.



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