Acceptance test report

A PV-plant is completed and can be connected to the grid to feed in its electricity to earn money. The planning was well-thought-out and the plant was assembled accordingly. Most of the solar plant owners or operators assume this. But does this also comply with reality?

The carried-out examination exposes possible mistakes in the planning and construction period and also potential manufacturing errors, e.g. in panels.

The early identification and elimination of these mistakes and errors enables a reliable operation of the solar plant, also beyond the warranty period.

One of the most important tasks is the visual inspections of the PV-plant. The total composition of the PV-plant, the documentation, the arrangement of wiring and the choice of electrical equipment will be checked according to the local rules and regulations. In addition to that we check the fitness of the individual components in regards to the place of installation.

An examination according to the RAL quality protection 966 can be carried out if a contract with the RAL was signed.



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