Dipl.-Ing. Sylvia Radisch Siebert


  • Graduate Engineer in Electronics
  • Certified Solarteur®
  • Certified Trainer
  • TÜV-certified expert for photovoltaic system
  • international certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC17024
  • Member of the Federation of German Authorised Experts and Technical Consultants - the Bundesverband Deutscher Sachverständiger und Fachgutachter e.V. (BDSF)

  • Design and Installation of Photovoltaic systems since 2002
  • Trainer at different institutions (Solarteur®-Training Center in Lengenfeld, Solarschool Dresden,...)
  • Supervision of Diploma and Master Thesises for the university Zittau-Görlitz
  • Mentoring of students as an industrial partner for different degree programs
  • Speaker at different Expert Conferences, Symposia and exhibitions in Germany and also foreign countries (Energy Agency of Saxony - Sächsische Energieagentur, IGEM Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia,...)


Together with the Engineering Consultancy for Renewable Energy Systems - the Regenerative Energiesysteme Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Joachim Siebert we assist you with all our knowledge and experience as well as our latest Research & Development Projects.

A cooperation with other experts, e.g. structural engineers or specialist for lightning protection, is often necessary when it comes to larger and more complex systems. Send me your details and I will analyse your specific situation.



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